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The Texair company has organized the manufacture of Reusable textile safety masks*. Our masks are considered to be among the best in class in terms of comfort and breathability. Textile safety masks* do not cause discomfort, pain and allergic reactions, are light and do not put pressure on the skin. This allows to wear them for longer periods of time . On top of that our masks* are reusable, as the material used in production is washable and dries quickly.

Textile mask, reusable Texair

*Not a medical device.

The Texair textile safety masks* have several advantages:

  • High performance mucosal protection
  • High-tech synthetic micro-hole material blocks the pollen and suspended particles
  • Highly customisable: wide range of colors and sizes
  • Reusable (up to 60 washes!)

As of today we are equipped to manufacture up to 6000 Texair Reusable safety masks per day.

The size range