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Installing an air duct system in rented facilities is often riddled with a fair share of challenges. Firstly, not every leaseholder will agree to changes being made to his building's construction elements. Secondly, the project's cost is quite high and in the case that they had to move to another facility, they'd have to unmount heavy constructions at their own expense or gift the whole system to the leaseholder. Furthermore, each production site has its own requirements for the air distribution system and the current one might not cut it, demanding addition time and expenses.

For a private business that counts every penny, these expenses are not an option. But where do you turn when you're found a suitable facility but the technological process requires a new air ducts system to be installed?

Air Sock System

Recently the textile air duct system appeared on the market. The difference between fabric systems and metallic ones is the lightness of the construction, a lower cost, and the easy of installation. Cable attachments or facilitated alignments are used to install the textile air distribution systems, which provides the basis to conduct installation without violating the constructive elements or making changes to the internal design. In the case an enterprise needs to move to a new facility, these kinds of air ducts are easy to unmount and reinstall at a new facility with minimal time and monetary expenditures.

Thanks to the use of modern materials, the reliability and performance of air socks is at least as good as metallic ones while in some cases even substantially outperforming them.

You can find out more about the advantages of air socks here at

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the installation, removal, and operations of air sock systems in rental facilities.

The Air Sock System Installation in Rental Facilities

The technological process of each production site presents particular demands for facility equipment. Business owners frequently need to organize maintenance of a particular temperature regime, directed production equipment cooling and machines, fresh air provided for employee comfort, et cetera. Thus, installation of the air distribution system in most cases is absolutely necessary.

There are two widespread types of air ducts: metallic and textile ducts. Let's compare both versions.

To install the metal constructions, you need to have certain installation conditions. Due to the major weight, they have to be attached in immediate proximity to durable surfaces, which will hold the additional workload of the metal, so one will not be able to regulate its height. Furthermore, it's more difficult to maneuver a metallic air duct, which may require partial reorganization of the constructions in the facility.

Thus, installation of metallic air ducts, especially in rented facilities, is impractical and especially expensive.

The weight of an air sock compared to a metallic duct the same size is 7-10 times lighter. This provides the basis to conduct attachment of air socks practically to any stable surfaces without violating their construction. Installation is conducted with the help of metallic cables or facilitated alignments. Such technology provides a basis to complete installation in practically any place, regulate the height of the air duct even during operation, and mount and unmount the air duct from any point.

Thus, by using textile diffusers, air can be fed to wherever your production site needs, without having to build on the constructive features of the building.

Unmounting Air Ducts When Moving

Any business owner understands that a rental facility is a temporary solution and sooner or later you’ll have to move. There may be many reasons for this – from acquiring one's own facility to the need to move to a larger space facility.

In moving to a new production site, you can only pick up your own equipment and take it with you while a repair that you've had performed, repaired engineering systems, or ventilation systems are “left” to the leaseholder. What do you do about that problem?

Thanks to their properties, air socks are easy to unmount and move to a new facility. The unmounting process is very easy and doesn't require any special preparation. All of the sleeves can be removed with ease from a single point without having to call for additional manpower. No traces or damage will be left due to the attachment elements on the surfaces, which is very important if you need to turn the object in the same shape you began renting it in. Moving won't cause you any headaches either, since the system is very compact. For instance, a 100-meter sleeve will fit in just a few small boxes that you can move in a light automobile.

As far as metallic ducts are concerned, unmounting them are extremely cumbersome. The large weight and volume of the construction and inevitable damage to the surface due to attachment elements render moving much more expensive. In most cases, moving a metal air duct costs practically as much as buying a new one. Furthermore, the metal construction becomes deformed while being transported and may require an expensive repair or replacement.

Installation of Air Ducts in a New Facility

If you've moved from a former, small facility to a larger facility, you will need to increase the size and power of your air duct system.

Air socks allow you to increase the length of your sleeves or air passage ability with minimal expenditures. To do so, you need to order the amount of the sleeve you're missing or connect the existing system with universal attachments. In that case, the investments you have to make are minimal.

Installation of a metal air duct repeatedly is not practically worthwhile. First of all, while moving, some of your parts will become damaged and you’ll have to order new ones. Secondly, metallic sleaves cannot be adjusted to the new conditions of your facility and you’ll have to start the whole product from scratch.

Connecting Air Duct Systems to an Existing One

Often times, a ventilation system installed by the leaseholder might not be suitable for you. What do you do if you've encountered a metal air duct that’s already installed but that surely doesn't offer enough power or range for you?

Textile system producers also propose solutions for that problem. Thanks to the features of the textile “sleeve”, it can hermetically be connected directly to a metallic one without losing any power. This will help if you need to extend your system for instance.

Thus, using air socks in rented facilities is the most suitable option. A business owner doesn't waste any of his time and money, which allows him to concentrate on developing his business and increasing his production power.

You can find out more detailed information on air socks from TEXAIR Company specialists. Our engineers will consult you about the air distribution system in your production and warehouse facilities, will help calculate the necessary system parameters based on your production site's specific needs, and will select the best equipment for you at an affordable price. Thanks to our own production site, we manage to prepare high-quality air ducts of any appearance or difficulty level within a minimal time frame.

We await you on our website or our social networks @texair.duct.

TEXAIR Company is now integrating a brand-new product into its product line – the feature of applying an image onto an air sock by way of sublimation printing.

We heartily invite you to attend the food industry exhibition Gulfood Manufacturing 2019, an event that will be held in the Dubai World Trade Center (United Arab Emirates) on October 29-31, 2019. In Hall 8, you will have the chance to check out TexAir’s newest air sock ventilation systems.
The exhibition will feature customized solutions for the food industry, warehousing, and goods transportation.

The “smart air sock”, air socks with a built-in operating console and the function of maintaining static pressure in the channel, will be presented for the first time ever.

Dear friends and colleagues! In conclusion of the year 2018, we have manufactured and delivered to our customers over three kilometers of air socks with over 1,737,261 m³/h of air emitted through 17,778,694 laser calibrated openings!

The company has launched the production of air distribution systems out of a new nonflammable material which, unlike glass fiber, can be washed in an ordinary washing machine.

TexAir Company has introduced an innovative solution onto the market that impedes the layering of air in facilities.

The development of a project design has concluded for air socks to be used in a dairy production facility in Uzbekistan, which is part of the PEPSICO Company Group.

TEXAIR Company completed the production of supply air socks packaged with exhaust ducts for one of the largest bread-baking complexes in the Vladimir Region.

TexAir has begun the development of a unique project for the ventilation of a large water park, where TexAir textile air ducts with neon lighting will be used.