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In light of the growing demands of the HVAC market in Russia and new sectors of production cropping up, the air sock industry has seen significant expansion.

However, as the industry has grown, so have the demands, not only for quality, but also for the properties of the materials used on the ventilation market.

Responding to these demands, OLIL Company has recently concluded a testing process on nonflammable glass fiber fabric which is now being used to produce ducts that satisfy the most stringent of fire-prevention requirements. The tests were conducted not only according to the classic scheme of flammability and combustibility, but also for smoke generation and toxicity.

The results of the toxicity and smoke generation properties turned out exhibiting the best figures for any materials in its class, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

This means that the products that OLIL is manufacturing correspond to the most stringent of requirements sought after in ducts, which substantially expand the scope of its use.

Now, TexAir’s fire-resistant air socks can be used at facilities or production sites where previously only ducts made of zinc-coated or stainless steel were used.

Its two-sided surface made of polyurethane gives the ducts excellent antistatic properties, which substantially facilitates cleaning and care; meanwhile, it also enables sanitary processing of the surfaces. This enables them to be used in food production, in particular in the meat and dairy industries.