Fabric air ducts for food production RostAgroKompleks

2022. Moscow region. Food production

TEXAIR fabric air ducts were successfully used in the modernization of the ventilation system of the food production of a well-known dessert manufacturer A.ROSTAGROKOMPLEX.

The purpose of the project was to distribute prepared air of a given temperature over the entire area of the room in a comfortable mode for the personnel. As well as compatibility with the installed transit ventilation system made of metal.

When implementing the project, TEXAIR engineers used proven technology of textile ducts with microperforation oriented according to the airflow distribution project.

Technical characteristics of the project:

  • Type of air ducts, purpose: supply ducts
  • Duct cross-sectional area: circle with form rings
  • Volume flow, static pressure: 7 500 m³/h (total, 1 duct), 500 Pa
  • Duct length: 12 m (total)
  • Fabric type: TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable): 100% impermeable polyester
  • Supply air temperature: +8°C to +18°C
  • Type of air flow: diffused
  • Installation height (from floor to duct axis): 5,000 mm