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Air socks’ (textile air ducts) use in the world began quite a long time ago. One of the first mentions of it was the integration of an air distribution textile system in 1973 at a slaughterhouse in Denmark. This technology provides a means to replace the traditional metallic ducts for textile counterparts with varying cross sections. Today, TEXAIR Company produces air socks for the European and Russian markets.

What are the primary features of TexAir air ducts?

Facility ventilation no draft even under conditions of very high air exchange intensity (air is distributed through air permeable or microperforated fabric)
High level of intermixture of the supplied air with the air located in the facility (as air is distributed through an enormous amount of small holes)
Washable in an ordinary industrial washing machine for maintaining the necessary cleanliness (may also be decontaminated)
No duct corrosion due to the chemical resistance of the materials used against most bonds present in the air
No risk of condensate formation on the surface of the air distribution system (with the use of air permeable fabric)
Light-weight of the system thanks to the light weight of the textile sleeve as well as the intricate manufactured elements made from the same material
Quick installation and dismantlement Thanks to a system of light attachments snapped onto a cable or inserted into a groove of the installation section
No noise during operation due to a property of the textile materials that they do not transfer sound waves well
Original appearance the ability to select an appropriate color (company style)
Low cost the total combined cost of the ducts, installation expenses, shipping expenses, and finishing works turn out about 1.5 to 3 times cheaper.

The use of air ducts in the public and industrial spheres

Two trends may be discerned regarding the use of air socks (fabric air ducts): industrial and public.

The benefit of their use in the industrial sector is that the even distribution of air and maintenance of the necessary temperature marks an unmistakable advantage that air socks have over other systems.

In all industrial facilities, whether textile, chemical, or food facilities, a great number of facilities exist which are rather difficult to scheme for with the large amount of production pipes, cables, and other elements that impede the installation of metallic (traditional) ducts. That is where air socks come in handy with their light weight, which allows them to be snapped in at any location without overburdening the construction.

In accordance with the particular aspects characteristic of the food industry, all equipment used in operation must ensure that the food products are preserved and correspond to needs for easy and efficient cleaning. The air socks fully satisfy this need considering that they may be cleaned in a washing machine without impeding the factory's operating processes using the necessary disinfection remedies.

In the public sector, air ducts can provide air distribution in accordance with the specific conditions needed for particular zones. This type of air distribution is considered lower cost, since air ducts function simultaneously both as ducts and diffusers. Fabric ducts are offered with the choice of a broad color range, so they enjoy great demand in such public facilities as cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, public pools, and fitness clubs.

It is also worth noting that air ducts are easily installed means of air conditioning, ventilation, or air heating systems, which allows them to be used at exhibitions and other temporary events.

Air ducts installation

If the customer so desires, TEXAIR air socks may be delivered packaged with all the necessary accessories for their installation. There are four types of air sock installation are currently available:

  • duct installation on a single groove;
  • duct installation on two grooves;
  • duct installation on one or two sections.

Easy installation of the air socks using a minimal amount of tools presents an advantage compared to metallic ducts, rendering their installation quick and easy.

Air socks lifetime

Air socks, just as any other product, have a service life. For each time of fabric, the producers establish a different service life which, depending on the environment it’s used in, will range between 5 and 15 years.


In the standard solution, air ducts may be cleaned in an ordinary washing machine; meanwhile, depending on the type of fabric, drying them will take no more than 3-4 hours. TEXAIR Company can offer an entire servicing program for customers from 1 to 10 years long. As you can see, servicing the air ducts isn't difficult to do.

Air permeable fabric

TEXAIR's system of round and semi-circular ducts are made of air permeable fabric, perfect for climate control systems used for cooling. A distinguishing characteristic of TEXAIR's air permeable fabric is the constant air permeability value of its fabric under a certain pressure. The air permeability of the fabrics allows the air to be distributed at a low temperature without the risk of condensation formation. TEXAIR's ducts are equally efficient with the use of large and small volumes of supplied air – air distribution is accounted for individually in each facility. Depending on the required climatic conditions, TEXAIR experts select one of eight types of fabric for the customer’s particular objectives.

Air non permeable fabric

TEXAIR's ducts are produced out of air-impermeable fabrics as well. The air supply occurs through calibrated perforation along the entire duct, which allows it to be used both in ordinary and very high facilities.

The scheme programs developed by TEXAIR engineers allows for the necessary perforation angle, size, and number of holes to be calculated for each duct segment. This allows for precise air distribution to be achieved in facilities. Depending on what one’s needs are, one can use materials with various additional characteristics – augmented durability, fireproofness, chemical resistance, etc. These air socks are supplied with in a broad color range as well.