Special Solutions

TEXAIR extract air ducts are made of air impermeable fabrics and are available in a rectangular version.
TEXAIR circular exhaust air ducts are designed for ventilation and air conditioning systems, air transportation, domestic and industrial exhaust systems, gas removal.
The textile defroster is made for quicker defrosting of the evaporators, as well as adjustment of the direction and velocity of cold air flow inside the room.
TEX-Heat & Cool is the perfect air distribution system, designed for optimal performance in both cooling and heating modes, regardless of the temperature range.
Transparent air ducts are made of elastic, abrasion and aggressive media resistant material - polyurethane. Unlike PVC, this material does not lose elasticity at temperatures down to -30°C, and also is amenable to laser cutting, like other TEXAIR fabrics.
Nozzles with adjustable airflow are a part of the high-velocity air distribution system and are used for ventilation and heating purposes.
Ceiling textile perforated Tex-Ceiling diffusers entail an innovative product whose main purpose is to comfortably distribute conditioned air throughout offices and facilities designed for public use with suspension ceilings.
TEXAIRTube provides you a way to efficiently manage and control the distribution of air flow across large areas.
Food industry enterprises hold the equipment and materials they use to particularly rigid standards. This not only pertains to the materials contracted with the products but also even the auxiliary systems that enable the ventilation to go on. One of such requirements is the flammability group.
Insulated air ducts are mainly used for transition segments where air of a certain temperature must be supplied into the emission area, keeping in account the loss of heat energy along the air duct’s entire length.
The primary purpose of the pressure regulator is to reduce the static pressure in the air sock. It is comprised by a cylindrically shaped element manufactured out of fabric.