Textile defrosters TEX-DEFROST

The textile defroster is made for quicker defrosting of the evaporators, as well as adjustment of the direction and velocity of cold air flow inside the room. The product is used for air coolers with horizontal air supply. Textile defrosters are made of durable lightweight fabric, tightly attach to the fan grill by special clamps to prevent damage or spontaneous disconnection.

Air cooler defrosting

When evaporator is set to defrosting mode, cold air supply stops. The product sags and closes the fan, isolating the external environment from the heat generation process by the system. Heat is stored inside the air cooler, which reduces the defrosting time of the air cooler by up to 50%.

The textile defroster is designed in the way that no ice or moisture forms inside the product. Using textile is the reason that ice is not formed on fans and inside the evaporator in defrosting mode, preventing breakdowns and formation of “ice clouds”.

Air flow adjustment

When the evaporator is in operation, the defroster gets inflated by the air with no losses of cold energy. A convenient adjustment system allows to increase the velocity or dissipate the air flow to evenly cool the room without increasing power and without purchasing additional cooling equipment.

Device arrangement

1. Connection
2. External seam
3. Clamp tape
4. Adjustment cable
5. Retainer
6. Adjustment loop
7. Clamp tape lock