Rectangular exhaust fabric air duct

TEXAIR extract air ducts are made of air impermeable fabrics and are available in a rectangular version.

In order for such air duct to work in the most optimal way, it is necessary to observe the conditions for good tension of the fabric in the longitudinal and transverse directions. To this end, tensioning devices in the inner profiles and tensioning cross beams are used in the design of the duct.

Created by negative static pressure, air suction into the duct through rows of perforations that can be positioned on either side and anywhere in the duct. Uniform air extraction velocity is achieved by carefully calculated hole diameters and distances between them.

Often such air ducts are used in rooms with is a need for regular, and often very thorough, cleaning of the structure. TEXAIR textile air ducts are ideal for this procedure. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, can be disassembled into separate elements.