Sublimation method fabric printing

The printing sublimation method that TEXAIR Company uses offers an opportunity to render your facilities

more colorful and stand out more. An air duct, as an interior object regularly in people’s vision, can be subject to branding. Placed under the ceiling, it will inevitably draw attention to your brand. This is especially true for office spaces and shopping centers. Print sublimation technology provides a basis to apply high-quality images. Meanwhile, the technology is absolutely harmless and is used in the manufacture of clothing and textiles.

The image is applied with a special paint. It transfers off of a special paper under the influence of high temperature (up to 190 degrees Celsius) onto the textile. Special inks under the influence of the temperature transform from a hard state into a gaseous state. The paint particles thus deeply seep into the structure of the fabric. The result is a beautiful, colorful picture that does not fade, does not crack, and preserves its original appearance for a long time.

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