Fabric ducts advantages

Chemical and corrosion resistant

Chemical and corrosion resistance

TEXAIR uses materials that are chemically resistant and do not react with most airborne components to produce its fabric ducts. However, for use in aggressive environments or in plants with high material requirements, TEXAIR uses special fabrics. For example, a material made of 100% polyester with no admixtures or additives is sufficiently resistant to substances such as synthetic hydrochloric acid, chemically pure sulphuric acid and ammonium chloride, allowing it to be used in ventilation systems in chip manufacturing plants. The properties of our products also allow us to produce material for pipelines or to apply a special coating with a specific combination of properties. In this way, companies can obtain a customised material that best withstands the aggressive environment in which they operate. This offers the customer a tailor-made piping system for each unique type of facility, so as not to be dependent on standard solutions imposed by the market.

Neutral to magnetic and electric fields

Neutral to magnetic and electric fields

One of the properties of antistatic fabrics is the pressure created by the electrostatic charge resulting from the friction of air particles. Since piping materials are mainly dielectric, fabrics made of carbon filaments are used to remove the static charge from the piping. This allows the customer to use such ducts in applications where additional requirements for explosion protection are needed.



The company places particular emphasis on the development and integration of new types of fabrics with different properties. For example, a flexible, fire-resistant material with a special silicone coating can withstand temperatures of up to 380°C and can be used in pipelines in facilities with special requirements. In this respect, the material’s properties exceed the essential requirements for G1 and B1 fire-resistant materials, so that the customer does not need to take any additional fire protection measures in its pipelines.

Antibacterial properties

Antibacterial properties

The antibacterial effect was achieved by adding special properties to the fabric by incorporating special yarns (bacteriostatic or antibacterial) into the material. The content of antibacterial yarns ranges from 5 to 99 % of the total fabric volume and may include components such as triclosan, pure silver or silver ions, silver zeolites (silver based on inorganic ceramics), copper oxides and inorganic silver and zinc bonds. The use of such materials makes it possible to extend the lifetime of the fabric diffuser between operations.

Installation flexibility

Installation flexibility

TEXAIR offers a wide selection of pipes in various standard sizes and geometries. For example, for rooms with low ceilings, we recommend semicircular ducts; for ceilings that cannot accommodate systems, we recommend segmented or sector ducts. This variety allows you to choose the most convenient and cost-effective shape and layout option, whatever the site.

broad temperature range: From -50°C to 380°C

Can be used over a wide temperature range from -50°C to 380°C

TEXAIR has materials with a wide range of consumer properties. As the conditions under which fabric ducts can be used vary widely, each type of fabric used has its own temperature range. This allows customers to choose the most suitable solution for their site, rather than overpaying for a one-size-fits-all option.



Fabric pipelines are lighter than metal pipelines. The material has a maximum density of around 600 g/m², so the average weight of a linear metre of duct is usually less than a kilogram. This allows them to be attached to self-supporting structures where the use of traditional systems would be out of the question. The use of fabric ducts thus makes it possible to create a complete ventilation system on any site, without restricting the customer.


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly The materials used in the production are hygienically certified, tested and approved; they do not cause allergic reactions and are therefore completely safe and suitable for use in a wide range of environments. This allows the use of fabric ducts to be further expanded in areas where metal ducts were previously used.


Low cost

TEXAIR ducts ensure efficient air distribution without additional expensive distribution devices. In addition, such ducts allow customers to significantly reduce their budgets due to their easy installation and lower material and component costs compared to galvanised ducts. When folded and packaged, their overall dimensions are much smaller, which reduces logistics costs. Textile ducts do not require many of the elements that are required in traditional systems, in particular air distribution elements (diffusers, anemostats, grilles, etc.), silencers, many fasteners and connecting parts as well as fixings.

Convenient assembly: dissassembly and ease of installation

Easy assembly: disassembly and easy installation

One of the main advantages of textile ducts is their easy installation. In this respect, customers can save up to 90% compared to traditional metal systems. And bearing in mind that any ventilation system needs to be serviced and periodically cleaned, its easy dismantling and subsequent installation gives fabric ducts a clear advantage over galvanised counterparts.


Easy to fix

Any segment in TEXAIR pipelines can be easily replaced. This is ensured by the simple zip fastening mechanism. If suddenly, for any reason, a pipeline segment needs to be replaced, the customer can easily do it himself without calling an assembly organisation.



These pipes can be easily connected to metal pipes in a single, combined system. A fitting is provided on the duct for assembly to the supply line and can be used to connect the textile system to any end shape or configuration. This is very convenient as no specially shaped elements need to be made on the customer’s side.



As a result of the air flow, the ducts do not require any additional measures to restore the air flow balance. The customer is supplied with a fully prepared, balanced system in terms of air flow and pressure. For this reason, the customer does not need to re-adjust the system after installation.



Fabric ducts can be operated at higher air velocities than metal ducts and have a smooth internal surface. TEXAIR ducts therefore do not accumulate a dust layer during operation. The entire system, including all its passages and turns, is made of fabric and can therefore be cleaned and washed in a washing machine without restriction. As a result, the amount that customers will be able to save on future maintenance is also a clear advantage of fabric ducting.

Lengthy service life: 10 years or more


Air ducts can enhance and diversify interior design. This is another advantage of TEXAIR. Depending on the customer’s interior, we can offer a choice of different construction styles and a wide range of colours. In addition, ducting with neon lighting and its unique appearance can give your facility an exclusive feel. This design solution will undoubtedly attract more visitors to your facility.


Long life: 10 years or more

The fabric ducts are made of certified materials characterised by high strength and abrasion resistance. The ducts can withstand a large number of washing cycles in a washing machine. If the conditions of use are correctly observed, the lifetime of the fabric ducts shall exceed 10 years. Meanwhile, given that people clean traditional systems as infrequently as possible due to cost, fabric ducts are the most suitable option also from an operational point of view.