Methods for assembling fabric air ducts

At the customer’s request, TEXAIR textile ducts are supplied complete with all necessary accessories for their installation. Installation takes 1-2 days depending on the number and length of the ducts. A stepladder or a tower may be required for assembly work.

Methods of installation of textile ducting

  • installation of a fabric duct on a single cable;
  • installation of a fabric duct on two cables;
  • installation of fabric ducting on one or two profiles.

The easy installation of fabric ducting using a minimum number of tools gives an advantage over metal ducting and makes installation quick and easy.

Example of air sock assembly works on a mono-track cable

Mount hooks on the wall (1). Then begin assembling the steel cable (4). A special clamp (3) is intended for completing an end loop and attaching the cable and the turnbuckle (2), which will be used for balancing tension in the steel cable (4). The turnbuckle, in turn, is connected to the wall hook (1).

When the steel cable is installed, when then move onto mounting the cable ties (5), which provide for the steel cable’s strictly horizontal position. For supply ducts, they are installed with an interaxial distance of 5 meters from each other.

The connecting part of the air sock (9) is attached to the outlet adapter of the installation (11) and it is locked in place with a special steel band clamp (10).

Furthermore, the connection is attached (9) using a zipper (8) to the duct (7) and the duct is hung under the steel cord (4) using a special clip (6). All of these assembly works are to be repeated until the installation of the entire duct is complete.

After assembly is complete, before launching the system, check:

The integrity and stability of the wall hooks (1) located on the walls and the ceiling.

Proper cable tension (4).

Check the attachment of the steel cable where the duct connects to the outlet adapter of the installation (11).

That all the zippers are closed, connecting various segments of the duct.

Before air is supplied into the system, it’s crucial to ascertain that the duct is fully spread along the entire length of the design to avoid pneumopercussion and explosion of the duct.

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