Information about fabric air ducts

Air socks can come in different geometric shapes, such as a circle, a semi-circle, a segment, as well as a triangular or rectangular cross section.
Air socks use in the world began quite a long time ago. One of the first mentions of it was the integration of an air distribution textile system in 1973 at a slaughterhouse in Denmark.
Nowadays, the ventilation equipment industry did not yet stopped to develop, and constantly moves forward
The service lifetime of the air socks directly depends on the type of fabric, conditions of use, and in the event that the producer’s requirements are observed can extend to over 15 years.
Aggressive environments and frequent washing will shorten the life of the product. The manufacturer has no requirements for the use of this product.
The printing sublimation method that TEXAIR Company uses offers an opportunity to render your facilities more colorful and stand out more.
Example of air sock assembly works on a mono-track cable
For air sock calculation, we use the TEXAIR-S unified tool.
Air socks are used both for air distribution and transportation with nearly identical efficiency.
TEXAIR is a full cycle company capable of controlling the entire production process, from the design stage all the way to the shipping of the finished products