Technical service and guarantee

Air socks are one of the best technological solutions for air ventilation, conditioning, and heating systems.

Service lifetime and manufacturer warranties

The service lifetime of the air socks directly depends on the type of fabric, conditions of use, and in the event that the producer’s requirements are observed can extend to over 15 years.

Having air filters in the ventilation systems is a required condition of the warranty.

    • The producer provides a 5-year warranty on the materials Tex-Sti, Tex-Stp and Tex-StiF.
    • The producer provides a 2-year warranty on the materials Tex-Lti, Tex-Lti-RS, Tex-StAb, Tex-Fpu, Tex-Fsi.

The fitting and attachment elements come with a warranty of one year.

Product certificates serve as the document confirming the warranty.

“Air socks” correspond to the government’s sanitary and epidemiological rules and norms. The producer guarantees that the established parameters in the product’s mode of operation and reliability figures are provided for assuming that the Customer observes the technical parameters over the entire course of the product’s use.

In the case that during the warranty period production defects are discovered on the product or segments of it at the fault of the manufacturer, the latter will be obliged to eliminate the defects or replace the failed section components within the shortest time period technically possible.

Air sock servicing

Aggressive environments and frequent washing reduce the product’s service lifetime. The manufacturer does not indicate any particular requirements regarding the frequency in which the products are washed and leaves this up to the discretion of the organization and the corresponding regulation of the institution where the product will be used. The air socks’ washing may be performed by hand or in a washing machine in accordance with the following directions:

    • Washing must be performed using not particularly harsh washing or disinfecting tools at a temperature no higher than 45°C over the course of 15 minutes.
    • Drying should occur at room temperature and depending on the type of fabric should not take more than 3-4 hours.

Complete package

The air duct package upon delivery includes:

    • Air flow equalizers (cone-shaped net at the entrance for dispersing air);
    • Input adapters for connecting textile channels;
    • Cable or profile suspension holders (attached to the surface of the duct);
    • Required shaped elements;
    • Work documentation package (work drafts, specification, assembly scheme, product certificate)


Packaging is conducted according to the manufacturing company’s documentation and ensures the preservation of the air ducts during shipping in covered vehicles of any type.

Packaging of the ducts is performed in an indoor ventilated facility with an environmental temperature of 15 to 35°C with a relative moisture of up to 80% of aggressive admixtures in the environment.

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