Fabric air duct with membrane TEX-Heat&Cool

If it is required to switch between the heating and cooling modes inside the room during the day, season or year, this was previously a problem, since traditional solutions only apply to a limited temperature range.

With standard air dispensing solutions, engineers average the values when delta T is less extreme, or by using expensive diffusers or nozzles that are controlled by even more expensive electronics.

TEXAIR solves this problem effectively by combining two different models of air distribution, pressure and airflow in one duct.

TEX-Heat & Cool is the perfect air distribution system, designed for optimal performance in both cooling and heating modes, regardless of the temperature range.

The complexity of the task lies in the fact that cold air descends and warm air rises, and therefore the perforation diameter required for comfortable supply of heated air to the working area leads to a too high rate of cooled air supply.

Such problems occur in parts of the world where there is a significant difference between summer and winter conditions. It is also important for industrial production, where, regardless of the season, it is necessary to cool production equipment as part of the working process.

The TEX-Heat&Cool solution offers two totally different air distribution models, one for heating and an opposite one for cooling. This allows our engineers to combine the optimal airflow for both heating and cooling purposes in one duct.