Slightly combustible air ducts for the food industry

Food industry enterprises hold the equipment and materials they use to particularly rigid standards. This not only pertains to the materials contracted with the products but also even the auxiliary systems that enable the ventilation to go on. One of such requirements is the flammability group.

Until recently, in order to keep up with demand, many European producers used to use a glass fiber material with a polyurethane coating in the production of air ducts, which corresponded to the G1 flammability group. But unfortunately the material came with some glaring flaws: it was less resistant to dynamic loads (low wear-resistance), it featured particle entrainment by the glass fiber in the air duct into the facility (despite the double-sided coating), and couldn’t be processed or be placed into a washing machine. The second and third points are unacceptable for food industry enterprises.

With the advent the TEXAIR StiF material, these problems are now a thing of the past. This 100% polyether fiber material is free of the flaws inherent in glass fiber. It can be washed in a washing machine, lacks particle entrainment (suitable for clean facilities), features zero air permeability, and comes with a smooth inner surface.

Its G1 certificate confirms the flammability tests.

The material also has a certificate for use in food industry enterprises.