Round exhaust fabric air duct TEX-RExhaust

TEXAIR circular exhaust air ducts are designed for ventilation and air conditioning systems, air transportation, domestic and industrial exhaust systems, gas removal.

The basis of the exhaust system is a cylindrical frame made of composite material, which provides the rigidity of the spatial structure. This frame performs the main function – it serves to form a solid foundation for the future product, provides and maintains the required duct diameter. This ensures the required air flow rate inside the exhaust duct along the entire length of the route.

Exhaust ducts are installed using universal hangers that allow you to mount the ducts both on a rail and on a cable. The solution is a special plastic holder, which is fixed with a textile suspension directly on the duct section. The design of the hanger can also be customized for height adjustment of the suspension.

  • A unique innovative solution to reduce the weight of the ventilation systems allows for a significant wall, ceiling and roof load reduction.
  • Quick-detachable outer fabric layer allows for easy cleaning of the ducts, and also greatly simplifies the process of maintenance of the ventilation system.
  • The round shape of the exhaust duct, in contrast to the rectangular one, allows to achieve a more uniform air flow rate across the section.
  • Different color solutions available, using fire rated materials, as well as applying the logo on the fabric.