Fabric air ducts for food production IP Mindibekov

2020. Abakan. Food production

For this project of meat factory, TEXAIR used a highly air-permeable fabric, through which it is possible to distribute large volumes of air at an extremely low speed at the out of the duct. This solution is due to a number of parameters like a large volume of supplied air, low temperature conditions in rooms, low ceilings, limited space, small surface area and length of ducts.

Thanks to the application of this solution, TEXAIR was able to completely solve the problem of penetrations in the premises, staff discomfort, cursing of meat products. The customer has decided to use textile ducts in all plant workshops, since our systems are the only effective equipment for such tasks.

After working with TEXAIR in 2020, the customer was so glad due hiw new air ducts, that desided to order these ducts again in 2021.