Fabric air ducts for production of waste processing equipment

2020. Slovenia, Ljutomer. Food production

The TEXAIR company successfully implemented the Tex-Heat & Cool Membrane Textile Duct System in the facility of the production of waste processing equipment.

The main requirement of the customer was the ability to distribute both warm and cold air in the room, while the design of the duct should be as light as possible.

To solve this problem, we used the Tex-Heat & Cool air duct with an internal membrane.

The upper part of such a duct is designed to supply cold air, microperforation is used in it, which allows high air exchange with a low air speed in the working zone.

The lower part is designed to supply warm air, it has openings of a larger diameter or nozzles that accelerate the air flow, which allows the heated air to reach the working zone, despite the natural tendency of warm air to rise up.

Thanks to the use of the Tex-Heat & Cool duct, our client does not have to go to the compromise between cooling and warming modes.