Fabric air ducts for exhibition Center WorldSkills Show at the Kazan Expo



Exhibition center

The grand event as part of the WorldSkills show on the territory of the modern world-class Kazan-Expo exhibition complex was held with technical support of TEXAIR ducts. Mounting TEXAIR ducts on this kind of facilities is a very convenient and efficient solution.

Initial data for design:

  • Application: temporary constructures of the frame type
  • Air duct type: supply,
  • System purpose: ventilation, cooling
  • Duct Shape: Circle
  • Fabric: TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable), airtight polyester 100%
  • Airflow, static pressure: 11680 m ³/h, 100 Pa
  • Duct length: 100m
  • Supply air temperature: + 10 ° C
  • Air distribution: distribution over the entire area of the room
  • Installation height (from floor to duct axis): 4000 mm