Fabric air ducts for workshop for the preparation of semi-finished products Vostochny

2022. Izhevsk. Food production

At the beginning of 2022, TEXAIR air ducts were installed in the workshop for the preparation of semi-finished products of Vostochny LLC.

Project details:

  • Air duct type, system purpose: supply air, ventilation/cooling.
  • Duct shape: circle
  • Airflow, static pressure: 10600 m³/h (total, 6 ducts), 100-250 Pa
  • Duct length: 100m (total)
  • Fabric: TEX-Sti (Staпdard Impermeable): air impermeable polyester 100%
  • Supply air temperature: +8 ° C to +18 ° C
  • Air distribution: even distribution throughout the whole room
  • Installation height (from floor to duct axis): 3000-5000mm

Information about the customer: Vostochny is a full-cycle meat company, the largest enterprise in the Udmurt Republic with a full technological cycle from reproduction to slaughter and meat processing. It is part of the agro-industrial holding KOMOS GROUP. The structure of the company includes three pig farms, a feed elevator and two meat processing plants. The company employs 1500 people. Vostochny takes the 25th place in the rating of Russian pig farms in terms of pork production. It produces more than 40 thousand tons of pork per year (in live weight), produces more than 15 thousand tons of finished meat products. The company’s brand is known not only in Udmurtia. The company’s products are successfully sold in 35 regions of Russia, including abroad. Vostochny is a major employer and taxpayer in Udmurtia, the only enterprise in Udmurtia that works with raw materials of its own production, which means that the consumer always receives only fresh and high-quality products in accordance with GOST!