2022. Croatia, Zagreb. Office facilities

In 2022, TEXAIR air ducts were installed in the radio host room of the NACIONAL radio in Zagreb. Thanks to our products it was possible to ensure uniform cooling of the entire space, making radio hosts and their guests feel maximum comfort, while delivering latest news and most interesting debates.

The customer also wanted to make the duct look unique, so we decided to apply their logos, in order to make it truly tailor-made.

Project details:

  • Air duct type, system purpose: supply air, cooling.
  • Duct shape: half-round
  • Airflow, static pressure: 360 m³/h, 50 Pa
  • Duct length: 3m (total)
  • Fabric: TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable): air impermeable polyester 100%
  • Air distribution: even distribution throughout the whole room
  • Installation height (from floor to duct axis): 3000mm