Fabric air ducts for ice arenas

Ice arenas are the areas where a lot of people spend some nervious moments, being as a sportsmen or public. So they needs to have enough quality air for feeling good. From the different points of view, textile air socks are the best solution for this purpose.

Initial data for design:

  • Application: provision of cooling for the ice arena/stadium
  • Air duct type, system purpose: supply, cooling
  • Duct shape: round
  • Airflow, static prone part of 36 m and 3 parts of 66 m2x50 m
  • Fabric : TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable), air impermeable polyester 100%
  • Supply air temperature: 6°C
  • Air distribution: even distribution throughout the whole room
  • Installation height from floor to duct axis: 12000 mm

Special features:

To maintain the correct functioning of the ice cover and maintain the temperature in the room no higher than +12°C, it is necessary to develop an air ventilation system that will allow avoiding critical temperatures that may rise from the operating equipment, the presence of spectators during the competition and from other factors. It is also necessary to ensure that the problem is solved in such a way as to avoid the creation of stagnant zones, which will lead to the formation of condensate on the supporting structures of the arena (trusses / beams).