Fabric air ducts for food industry

In the food industry, the primary requirements stated for the ventilation system fall under sanitary and hygienic requirements. For this reason, the ventilation systems must be easy to clean. The air socks satisfy this requirement with ease, since they can be cleaned in washing machines. The use of antibacterial fabrics helps avoid the spread of germs on the walls of the ducts.

Initial data for design:

  • Application: meat processing, meat production
  • Air duct type, system purpose: supply, cooling
  • Duct shape: collector “2 in 1”
  • Airflow, static pressure: 25000 m³/h, 300 Pa
  • Duct length: 37 m
  • Fabric : TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable), air impermeable polyester 100%
  • Supply air temperature: 10°C
  • Air distribution: even distribution throughout the whole working zone
  • Installation height from floor to duct axis: 4000 mm

Special features:

Allowing for comfortable cooled air distribution for people working in the room under our textile air ducts, as well as getting rid of the drafts, which leads to less damage to meat products and thus cutting production costs.