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Provided below is a list of the most "interesting" facilities TexAir has brought into fruition.

Delivery year Customer/facility Region Description Photo report
2018 MARS. Chocolate factory Moscow Region Production and delivery of air socks with a total length of 152 m for MARS Chocolate Factory. None
2018 Fruit storage warehouse Moscow Region Delivery of 4 parcels of air socks with a diameter of 800 mm and a length of 33 meters for fruit storage. Temperature conditions of up to 4°C.
2018 Cheese packaging facility Moscow Region Delivery of air socks with a total length of 173 m. None
2018 Canvas frame construction Moscow Region Replacement of Czech-produced air socks unfit for use. None
2018 Cooling chamber Ussuriysk Two air socks with a diameter of 600 mm and a length of 6 meters per cubic cooler for a small refrigerating chamber. None
2017 Warehouse Moscow Region Package of air socks for cooling the finished goods shipment warehouse facility. None
2017 Vegetable storage warehouse Moscow Region Delivery of air socks with a diameter of 800 mm and a total length of 60 m for the vegetable storage facility. The temperature conditions are up to +7°C. None
2017 Calf barn Leningrad Region Delivery of a combined air socks system (Winter-Summer) for a calf barn. 36 meters long. None
2017 Greenhouse complex Republic of Komi Air socks delivery with a diameter of 800 mm to a greenhouse complex for air heating. Total air socks length: 370 m. None
2017 Moscow modern art museum Moscow Implementation of the textile ventilation project in an exclusive color for 4 floors of the modern art museum building in Yermolaevsk Alley. None
2017 Packaging and storage of exotic fruits and vegetables Moscow Region Air sock delivery for a prepackaging facility and exotic fruit storage. People work around the clock. Facility temperature conditions of between 7 and 9°C. None
2017 GYM Kyzyl Air sock supply and exhaust system delivery for a gym. Exhaust system: rectangular system with an aluminum profile. None
2017 Construction company Kazan Air sock delivery for a flower cooling room where people work. 8 sections 5 meters each. None
2017 Meat processing plant Orenburg Region Production and supply of air socks with a 450 m diameter and a total length of 56 m to a meat processing facility. None
2017 Meat processing plant Tula Region Delivery of an air sock for an air cooler with a 600 m diameter to a meat processing facility. None
2017 Office center Moscow Delivery of semicircular, white-colored air socks. None
2017 Precision metal factory   Manufacture and delivery of a vertical air distribution system (20 sock runs) to maintain the microclimate in a factory with high precision CNC machines used to manufacture wares with an air temperature that must be preserved within a strict temperature range. Thanks to the air sock distributors, this factor can be controlled with high precision there.
2017 Food production facility Bryansk Region Air sock with a diameter of 350 mm and a length of 10 m. None
2017 Office facility Moscow Manufacture of air socks with a diameter of 280 mm. None
2017 Creamery Tambov Region Delivery of air socks for cooling a cheese production facility. None
2017 Mall Yaroslavl Air sock package with a diameter of 560 mm and a length of 143 m for ventilation of the primary facilities of the mall. A high-speed air distribution system was used due to the high ceiling as well as air sock suspension.
2017 Vegetable storage warehouse St.Petersburg Total length 30m, 4 C° supply air None
2016 Production company St.Petersburg Momentous project for the production and delivery of an air distributor with a diameter of 900 mm for a very high-pressure system (900 Pa). TexAir was faced with the most daunting task: manufacturing an air distributor for a ventilation system with a pressure level far greater than the standard operating parameters for textile systems. For this purpose, thicker material and other technical solutions were used to ensure that the customer’s requirements were fully satisfied.
2016 Food prepackaging factory St.Petersburg Air sock assemblage 40 m long for cooling a food prepackaging factory. This technical solution using air socks in this factory, provided a basis to distribute the supplied cold air throughout the factory and ensured comfortable work conditions for the employees.
2016 Air ducts for a meat processing plant Moscow Region Air ducts for cooling a meat boning room were delivered to a Klin MPC. Due to the facility's compact dimensions, a single air distributor was used that would pass through all three facilities without the use of any coupling tubes.