Fabric air ducts for wine factory

Initial data for design:

  • Application: ventilation of a wine fermentation room in an alcoholic beverage production facility
  • Air duct type, system purpose: supply, cooling
  • Duct shape: round
  • Airflow, static pressure: 12500 m³/h, 500 Pa
  • Duct length: 30 m (per one)
  • Fabric: TEX-Sti (Standard Impermeable): air impermeable polyester 100%
  • Supply air temperature: +20°C
  • Air distribution: even distribution throughout the whole room
  • Installation height from floor to duct axis: 8000 mm

Special features:

To ensure the process of primary fermentation of wine, it is necessary to maintain a given ambient temperature, avoid through-holes, excessive humidity. The presence of staff in the shop is not permanent, and occurs only during process operations.